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paintings inspired by the beauty of the south  

 from the archives

*These original paintings are no longer available. Giclees can be produced for most paintings upon request.

Grey Day.jpg Red Rose Beauties.jpg Sunshine Hair.jpg The Moody Bouquet.jpg Its Five Oclock Somewhere.jpg Bright Sunshine Flowers.jpg Sullivans Lighthouse.jpg A Classic Beauty.jpg Mountain Stream.jpg Big Bold Flowers.jpg Big Oranges and Reds.jpg Charlie.jpg Cheerful Flowers.jpg Bright Eyes.jpg The Red Barn Doors.jpg Poppy Blooms.png Classic Fashion Catherine.png The Rose.png Flowers Blue and White Vase.jpg Blue Bubble Roses.jpg Little Girl on the Porch (framed monotype).jpg Cheerful Roses.jpg Fall Color I (framed oil on paper).jpg The Schiff.jpg Peaceful Waters.jpg Geraniums.png Roses.png The Country Barn.jpg Classic Fashion Anna.png The Lady in Red.jpg Classic Fashion Diva.png Classic Fashion Bridgett.png Carolina Dunes.png Rainy Day.png Blue Mist.png The Country Road.jpg Beach Sunset.png My Secret Garden.png Painted Sky.png Cutie Beatuties.png Shelling.png Ben Sawyer Bridge.png The Crabbing Dock.png Misty Moonlight.png Beachcomers.png Dianes Palace.png The Symphony.png House by the Ocean.png The Dingy.png Sunburst.png Sunshine Flowers.png Blue Beauties.png Burst of Lavender.png Palms.png Sullivans Lighthouse.png Archie.png Carolina Seashore.png Sunflowers and More.png Flowering Sunshine.png Window Magic.png Monets Flowers.png A Road Seldom Traveled.png Drifting.png Bird Reflections.png Sophia.png Mountain Sunshine.png Take Me Home.png Afternoon Walk.png Fall Treasure.png Maines Coastal Paradise.png Amazing Sunset.png The Threesome Pears.png Dawns Early Light.png Beach Bliss.png Cruising Sullivans Island.png Cottage By the Sea.png Harbor Sunset.png Vickie on Vacation.png Sunshine Lane.png Peaceful Marsh.png Wentworth Street Mansion.png Charleston Harbor.png Brendas Bouquet.png Copper Pot.png Lil Dancer.png Palms.png The Gardeners Shed.png A Stroll in the Park.png Sunday Mass.png Chapel by the River.png Folly Beach.png Lil Miss Seashore.png Philadelphia Alley I.png Best Friends.png A Study in Reds.png The Forest.png Welcome to My Garden.png Shem Creek Dock House.png The Bowl Study.png Boat in the Bright Blue Sea.png Moonlight Cruise.png Poppies.png Sailing.png Shem Creek.png Intracoastal Sunrise.png Summers Bounty.png Juicy Fruit.png Brilliant Light.png Bright Forest Light.png Sunlit Passage.png The Boat.png Shem Creek I.png Morning Sunrise.png Sailing.png Sullivans Island.png Morris Island Lighthouse 5x7.png Sky Study.png Boat in the Bright Blue Sea.png Country Living Barn.png Im a lonely Pear.png Low Tide.png Majestic Colors.png Poppy I.png Rainy Day in the City.png The Back Road.png The Beach Hat.png The Perfect Summer.png deBruxs View.png Lil Red.png Forest Sunshine.png Remnants of Another Time.png Sandcastle.png The Jazz Singer.png Golden Glow.png Fun in the Sand.png America the Beautiful.png Walking in the Rain.png Lil Miss Red,White and Blue.png