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paintings inspired by the beauty of the south  

 new works


Electric Storm.jpg Uncharted Waters.jpg Fruit Plate.jpg Crimson Sky.jpg Nanny Goat.jpg Juicy Pears.jpg Whimsical Bird.jpg The Break of Dawn.jpg Blue Sky.jpg Moo.jpg Forest Trail.jpg Yellow Marsh.jpg Pot Full of Flowers.jpg Red Flowers Study.jpg Good Morning.jpg Daylilies.jpg Bright Reds.jpg O What a Beautiful Morning.jpg Pears.jpg Just Around the Bend.jpg Happy Geraniums.jpg Limes.jpg Forest Series V.jpg Starburst.jpg Oranges.jpg Pink Sunshine.jpg Smooth Sailing.jpg Sunshine Girl.jpg At First Light.jpg Flower Study.jpg Grandpas Old Truck.jpg In the Mist.jpg The Hunters Cabin.jpg Waterfall.jpg Rustic Country Retreat.jpg Forest Shadows.jpg Cabin in the Woods II.png Cabin in the Woods.png Creek Solitude.jpg Fresh Fruit.jpg Fall Brilliance.jpg Forest Series.jpg Rose Reds.jpg Vase of Flowers.jpg Yellow Sunshine.jpg Bright Eyes.jpg Summer Flowers.jpg Garden Art.jpg Peaceful Waters.jpg Sunshine Stars.jpg The Marina.jpg Country Farms.jpg Flowers with Vase.jpg Study in Yellow.jpg Sunshine Flower.jpg FLOWERS IN MAINE.jpg LILY STUDY II.jpg THE LOWCOUNTRY MARSH.jpg THE RED SHED.jpg THE BEAUTY OF SKIES.jpg BEAUTY OF THE FOREST.jpg Garden Music(monotype).jpg The Collection(monotype).jpg Blooms in Spring(monotype).jpg Colors.jpg Flower Dance.jpg Yellow Vase with Colorful Flowers.jpg Hello Sunshine.jpg Lilies in the Pond.jpg Lilies in the Pond II.jpg Rainbow Sky.jpg See That!.jpg Sunflowers (framed monotype).jpg Welcome.jpg Childs Play.jpg Girl on the Dock.png Pretty Flowers.png Sunshine Flowers II.png Touchdown.png Library.png Boy with the Boat.png Lets Play Ball.png My first Two Wheeler.png Summertime.png The Pots.png The Jazz Men.png The Garden Shed II.png Country Lane.png Sunlit Path II.png Sunny Day in the Lowcountry.png Gateway to the Sun.png Pathway to Heaven.png My Favorite Vacation.png Curiosity.png Morris Island Lighthouse(Panorama).png Welcome to My Garden.png Chapel at Palmetto Bluff.png Morris Island Lighthouse 8x10.png At Days End.png Coastal Beach Cottage.png Fresh Veggies.png Good Morning Sunshine.png Grape Smoothie.png Laurel Mountain Trail.png Precious.png Rainbow Reds.png Rays of Sunshine.png Roses.png Sailing at Dusk.png Sharing.png Winter Sunshine.png Charleston Tourist.png Lets Sit and Enjoy the View.png On the Rocks.png Sea Island Chapel.png Philadelphia Alley II.png Afternoon Sun on the Wentworth Mansion.png Beach Splendor.png Beach Play.png Whats for Lunch.png Sailing Off Sullivans Island.png Field of Flowers.png Late Afternoon Beach Glow.png Playtime On The Beach.png Pretty Flowers.png